Clifford Bay Wine Label


My friends at Foley Family Wines asked me to redesign the label for their New Zealand brand, Clifford Bay. The existing label had some classic elements, some colorful stripes and a large emblem/stamp screened in the background. They wanted it to have a more premium feel, yet they also needed to reduce their production costs. Additionally, they wanted the label to capture the essence of the brand and the spirit of place and include “Certified Sustainable” to the front.


I incorporated some of the existing elements into the design. The font for “Clifford Bay” is the same, but I removed the gold drop shadow for a cleaner look and tightened up the spacing between the letters. The circular stamp was an important element to keep, because it incorporates a traditional Maori Ground Fern design, which is very symbolic of New Zealand. I made it quite a bit smaller and changed the text to “Certified Sustainable”. The lovely blue color and a gradated wave pattern, give a sense of cool, ocean breezes, indicative of Clifford Bay.

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